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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Mary Oliver

Wild Spirit Passages offers Transformational Experiences in Wild Nature

David ClarkWild Spirit Passages is based in the Southwest USA and offers spiritual programs, wilderness quests, and rites of passage ceremonies in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. David Clark, the founder and guide for Wild Spirit Passages makes his home traveling along the back-roads;  backpacking, camping, and hiking in the deserts and canyons of the Southwest.

While fulfilling his own soul’s desire and calling to spend as much time as possible in wild nature, this also allows David the freedom to travel, offering wilderness programs and events throughout the Southwest, and the ability to deliver personally designed programs, wilderness quests and rites of passage.

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Wild Spirit Passages Core Beliefs

  1. Every human being is born into this world with a purpose to fulfill.
  2. Our sense of happiness and wellbeing is achieved as we pursue and live out our true purpose.
  3. The discovery of our purpose is very difficult in our modern, urbanized world, largely cut off from from wild nature.
  4. We are birthed from nature and nature is the best teacher to assist us in discovering and offering our gift to the world.
  5. The Wild “out there” reflects and mirrors the wild of our own “inner” wild nature.

6. The mission of Wild Spirit Passages is to offer programs that focus on the foundational experience of the Wilderness Quest as well as Wilderness Retreats.  These retreats are designed to be wilderness transformational experiences utilizing basic base-camp settings and also backpacking excursions emphasizing the learning of backpacking fundamentals coupled with exploring in a deep way the meaning and direction of our lives.

“My experience and training has led me to discover in a very profound way that it is in times of transition (often experienced as really scary and dangerous) that are actually the best times for heading into the wild to recover a sense of renewal and transformation.  Supported by wild nature, our tribe formed by sharing this journey, and your guide, we gain courage and commitment to take the next step on the path of our soul’s true calling.  This is the mission of Wild Spirit Passages – to offer support in your courageous and life-giving journey.”
Wild Blessings,
Founder and Guide for Wild Spirit Passages
vision quest

Wilderness Quest

A Vision Quest is a response to the need to discover or reaffirm our calling.  Spend time alone in nature to awaken that call and bring clarity and purpose back into your life.


We all have a “soul” calling, a destiny to fulfill.   Recognizing your soul’s calling, understanding that you have a unique destiny is essentially what the spiritual path is all about.

Wilderness Retreats

Wilderness Retreats

Every immersion into nature can be a doorway into a transformative experience and a step further along our own unique path of awakening to our true purpose in life.

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I was only 6 hours into my 96 hour vision quest, and the hunger pangs were ravaging my stomach.  More ominously, I wondered if I would go insane. After all, how many years (or even decades) had it been since I had gone an extended period without human contact, or continually fiddling with my phone like a monkey on meth.

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